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Achieve Your Goals

Cannia Fitness & Performance delivers services along with the expertise and knowledge that will provide a one-of-a-kind, comprehensive training, and learning experience. Athletes and non-athletes alike will receive expert instruction and know-how utilizing the latest research information on subjects ranging from performance enhancement and injury prevention to fitness programs that empower you with the knowledge and tools to manage your weight and improve the quality of your life.

One on One Personal and Semi-Private Training

Have a specific goal in mind? Let us help you define your fitness goals and keep you on track.

We also offer semi-private training for those who like working with a partner or friend. Semi-private sessions consist of two to four people and more cost-effective than the traditional one-on-one training.

Individualized Program Design

No one person is the same and neither should your workout prescription. For those seeking a competitive edge, the individualized program design will be very specific to each person’s individual goal. You work one on one with a coach to discuss goals, strengths, weaknesses and nutrition. We then personalized your fitness programs based off of your biometric assessment and movement screen. We will provide you with a program that is safe, fun and most of all, highly effective.

Personalized Weight Loss Programs

A personalized weight loss program is key to healthy weight loss. There is so much misinformation out there about weight loss; we can customize a program to help you achieve weight loss while teaching you about how your body works. Reaching your weight loss and health goals is possible with the right plan and proper guidance.

Functional Movement Screening

Have you plateaued in your training, or is that nagging injury preventing you from performing your best? The Functional Movement Screen can determine the greatest areas of movement deficiency and demonstrate limitations or asymmetries. Once we find the greatest asymmetry or weakness, we can design a training program to break through that plateau, improve performance and get you moving like your old self again.

Body Composition Analysis

Body composition testing determines how much of your body is fat and which isn't. The non-fat part of your body is called lean tissue. Lean tissue, known as metabolically active tissue, is the tissue that burns calories all day. Maintaining lean tissue, while eliminated body fat is the key to successful and permanent weight loss. Knowing your body composition, we can design a program to preserve hard earned lean muscle tissue and burn away unwanted fat.

Lactate Testing

Make the most of your training time. Lactate testing is used all over the world by researchers and athletic coaches. It is currently the gold standard for determining exercise intensity zones. Heart rate formulas that use your age to calculate heart rate zones are not accurate and ineffective.

Lactate values help determine the correct training intensity to increase power and endurance.

What our customers are saying

Coach Pete is extremely knowledgeable about exercise physiology and about the latest research-based advances in this area. He is very good at implementing this knowledge with athletes of all ages and genders on an individual or group basis. As a practitioner of sports medicine, his diagnosis of functional movement and prescriptive exercises to correct dysfunctional movement is great to see and affords his clients the best in safe movement and sustainable high-performance…

Dr. Ryan Krch NMD

Physician and Wellness Consulting

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